Images are purchased as “one time use” photographs and are priced at $100 per image. The fee for advertisers and publishers is $500 per image. A purchase invoice is sent as an e-mail attachment following the client’s e-mail request with the identification numbers of the desired images from the gallery pages. Payment by personal or company check is mailed to the address printed on the invoice. The digital files and sales receipt are then sent to the client upon confirmation of the check deposit.

Images are offered only as digital files to facilitate a wide range of client printing requirements. Photos are exported as 90+ Megabyte JPEG files. Images are composed in camera with a 2x3 aspect ratio; compatible large print sizes include: 16x24, 20x30, 24x36, 28x42, 30x45, 36x54 & 40x60. A print size of 40x60 has been verified for excellent resolution quality. Larger prints may also be possible depending on the intended distance between the image and viewer. Files will be sent to clients on CD or DVD.

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